The Seventh Sphere Rider Waite Tarot – A Review

I was wonderfully blessed to be able to pre-order the new Labyrinthos Seventh Sphere Rider Waite deck and, after a few months, it has finally arrived! I have done what I usually done which is wait a few weeks to do a review to give me a chance to play with the cards, see how they worked and felt, and how durable the cards are. So, what do you say, should we get down to it?

The Customer Experience

So this is not the first time I have purchased a deck from Labyrinthos and I do have to say, it has always been a decent experience. The website is easy to navigate, the communication is always on point and at no point was I left with confusion. Mind you, I pre-ordered this deck on October 31st, 2020 and just received them on January 7th, 2021. That being said they were clear up front that due to COVID shipping got delayed.

The one thing I really did not like was that they seem to be following the path of multiple smaller companies. They no longer provided a tracking number, however had you download a tracking app that was used to follow along with the shipping. I am not of fan of having to download a new app just to see where a package is. However it is a small consideration considering the ease of the website, customer service, and regular updates. 

The Deck Itself

Now, onto the deck itself. The deck came in a beautiful box for storage (and I love a storage box for my cards) that is made of a heavy pressed cardboard with beautiful designs. Just holding the box I knew the cards were protected and done so in a beautiful way.

The cards themselves are beautiful. The colors are reminiscent of something you would see in a dream or in your subconscious, muted with beautiful shades of red, blues, greens, and ochers of all of those shades. Looking at the cards, it reminds me of seeing the clouds at sunset, soft and warm. The back of the cards are nice, nothing to write home about, and I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have more of the foil detailing on the back that the Tarot de Marseille deck had. That being said, they more than make up for this on the side edging being done in a blue/rainbow hue that changes depending on the light. Mind you, the edging does make it a bit difficult to shuffle the deck, however they have help up very well to normal shuffling with no visible nicks or damages.

Overall working with the cards have been a joy. They seem to be more of a gentle guidance than straight calling you out. Don’t get me wrong, the cards can be direct in their guidance, but it feels more like being guided than yelled at. I have been using them daily, tied with the app, and have yet to have a reading that didn’t feel like it wasn’t true. They seem to work by gently pulling back layers to add more to the reading, versus dumping you in the deep end like some other decks I know. 


Beautifully designed

Easy to use following the traditional Rider Waite symbolism

Reasonably priced

Intuitive without being overbearing, good for beginners


I wish the back was given as much thought as the front of the cards

The edging makes shuffling a bit more difficult when first using the deck

Having to download an app to see the shipping

In Conclusion 

Overall this is a beautiful and gentle deck. It is reminiscent of seeing something in the far distance and seeing it become clearer the more you look at it. As gentle as a pleasant dream, yet in depth and not scared to show you the truth, this is a perfect deck I would recommend for any potential reader and is a perfect beginner deck. 

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