Kitchen Witchcraft in Practical Use

Kitchen witchcraft. Is anything as synonymous with hearth and home as kitchen magic? What is more satisfying than working your magic in the kitchen, where open flame and water are readily accessible, and also expected to be there so easily hidden for those who practice in secret. Kitchen witchcraft is becoming as popular as the iphone, and for good reason. It mixes well with most other forms of witchcraft, and goes particularly well with garden witchcraft. In this lesson we will go over the basics of kitchen witchcraft in a practical use of everyday life. While not meant to be a complete overview of such an amazing subject, this article will go over Kitchen witchcraft in very broad strokes, hopefully enough to get you to look more into it and pique your interest.

From the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep, most people will find themselves in the kitchen during multiple parts of the day. Indeed, in many homes the kitchen is the center and heart of the home, the one where meals are prepared and cooked, conversations are had, and late night snacks are raided from the fridge. In this way, the kitchen almost becomes the most important part of the home. So why not make it the center of your practice? Keep your Grimoire with your cookbooks, keep some candles our on the counter, even have a little deity statue out. By making your altar in the kitchen, you are tapping into the entire energy of your home, and also none of those items would look out of place in a kitchen, perfect to keep nosey friends and family out of your practice if you will.

In fact, there is a very good chance that you might have already been practicing Kitchen witchcraft. Every throw spilt salt over your left shoulder? Thats kitchen magic. Ever waited for three seconds to stop the tea pot from screeching cause it “feels right”? Thats kitchen magic. Ever make soup or tea for a sick love one and stir it while wishing they get better? Thats kitchen magic. While these are small everyday examples, they are also powerful examples of how kitchen magic lends itself to the idea that magic doesn’t need to chanting under a full moon, it can sometimes be as simple as a focused thought and an action.

When cooking in magic it is important to keep the intention focused, however it is also important to know when and what to do to a dish to make the magic work. Looking for a love spell? Add in Apple and Honey to sweeten the heart of the one you love. Looking to add a bit of protection to a dish? Stir the soup in a sigil or pentagram while cooking it. Looking to help someone feel better? Whisper a prayer of healing while you add the rosemary. From soaps to cleaners and washes, kitchen witchcraft goes beyond just food into anything you make for your home!

Kitchen witchcraft is an interesting form of magic, simply as usually the act of cooking or making the food, drink, soap, etc. is usually the spell itself. Unlike most traditional forms of magic, kitchen witchcraft doesn’t usually involve long drawn out rituals or tons of planning. There usually is no need for any rare or unusual ingredients and most items that you would use can easily be found around the home or at the local store. Take for example the infamous Freezer spell to stop someone from harassing you. You simply write their name on a piece of paper, put it in a bag of water and throw it in the freezer. By you doing something as small as making a literal ice cube, you have cast the spell to freeze the other individual and bound them from acting against you. See how easy that was?

Kitchen witchcraft is great at many things, but one of the things it thrives on is how well it works on other individuals. For good or bad, kitchen magic really takes the cake so to speak on working magic on others. Not only is the target clearly defined (by the person ingesting the magic) but even more so, they are more susceptible to the spell itself. Our auras are powerful things that help keep us safe from negative energy, however they exist outside of our body and emanate from our spirit. When someone ingests a spell through food or drink, it bypasses a huge part of this natural defense and filter as the spell works from the inside out, not the outside in. As such, spells that directly affect a person and their perception of the world (i.e., glamour and love spells) will typically be more effective and work a bit faster when done using kitchen magic.

But Kitchen Witchcraft is so much more than just cooking. It truly is the witchcraft of home. It is the craft, no, art of following recipes, of preparing the house, and of taking time your time. Most kitchen witchcraft would be considered “small”, there are (usually) not giant sigils and pentagrams on the floor. Instead, the focus with kitchen witchcraft tends to be more focused on the correspondences and implementation. It is about making sure that everything you are putting into the spell works together properly and in harmony for the energy and spell to work. Due to this, it is a perfect place to start for those new to the craft, by learning what works well together in a recipe or spell, it is a great place to jump off into other forms of magic. Writing you own spells is powerful work and will typically work much better than using pre made ones as they are tailored to your need, by starting with learning Kitchen Magic you get a better understanding of correspondences and how a spell works. Just like a fine chicken dinner, most spells do require specific actions or items to work properly and, when done correctly, are just as beautiful and satisfying as an empty plate.

Practical Forms of Kitchen Magic

Making moon water
Stirring intention into a dish
Carving sigils into cooking items
Cooking using moon water, sun water, blood, etc…
Creating specific items for deity gifts
Blessing or Cursing another person
Love spells
Glamour spells
Wards around yourself
To make another more agreeable/disagreeable
To keep someone from telling your secrets
Creating your own household cleaners
Creating your own soaps and oils

As you can see, kitchen witchcraft is so much more than just stirring intention into a cup of tea. From potion making to planning feasts for our ancestors, kitchen magic has always exists and touches most traditions of magic. So next time you are in the kitchen, why not add some rosemary for protection to that chicken? Maybe add a bit of clove to that mulled wine for the one you love? As you start incorporating Kitchen witchcraft into your everyday life, you will start to wonder why you never tried to before.


All images taken from Pinterest

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