When spells go wrong: Backfires

It happens to the best of us. You have an intent, you write a spell, you put all the ingredients and tools out, cast then spell and then….. something goes wrong. This post is meant to help identify the various ways spells go wrong, causes, and what to do about it.

Todays lesson will be a high level overview on when a spell backfires and we will go over the following information.

  1. What happens when a spell backfires
  2. What causes a spell to backfire
  3. How to prevent a spell from backfiring
  4. Ways to fix a backfired spell

So lets get out our wands, climb about the magic broom, and learn about what happens when a spell backfires on you.

What happens when a spell backfires?

So first and foremost, what does it mean when a spell backfires? Well, when a spell you casts backfires, it can result in the spell working on someone else, working but having multiple negative side effects on you, or even having the spell act randomly (with purpose, yes, getting to the end goal, yes, but still having random events thrown in being unpredictable to say the least). Contrary to popular belief a spell that backfires might not hurt you, or even affect you in any way, which is why the term backfire is a bit of misnomer.

A perfect example of that is the following. Say you cast a spell to help guarantee a new loan you are applying for. You did everything correctly (so you think at least), yet when the time comes to get the loan, you are denied. Yet, a week later, a friend of yours finds out she was approved for a loan and she had much worse credit than you do. This is a spell that backfired. While it did not negatively affect you, it instead worked on your friend.

Another example of a spell backfiring would go like this. Say someone is bullying you at school and you want them out of your life. You do a simple banishing spell to get them to leave you alone, which they do. However, all of a sudden all of your other friends start turning cold and distant to you as well, eventually leaving you alone. This is an example where a spell you cast worked, but harmed you in the process by leaving you with no one, instead of just removing on individual.

Spell work off of energy and work in multiple ways, as such when a spell backfires it is difficult to determine what the result will be. These are simply two examples, however backfires come in all shapes and sizes.

What causes a spell to backfire?

The most common cause of a spell backfiring is usually a distraction during the spell casting itself. The energy and working of a spell is very important, and it is really important to always maintain a proper focus when doing any spell work to prevent this from happening.

Thing of the spell as a cell in the body. It grows, gets mitochondria and nuclei, has a specific function and works to fulfill that function. Now imagine a virus coming along and changing the DNA of the cell, even just one little strand, one tiny piece of the double helix. This could cause the cell to stop working, act erratically, become cancerous, etc. In this example, the virus is the distraction that happened during the spell work. While slight and small and fleeting, it can have disastrous effects on how the spell itself will work.

In the two above examples I mention distractions during spell work could have cause both of those outcomes. The person looking for the loan? They might have had a momentary thought of their friend who was also having money problems. The bully? That person might have been worried their friends wouldn’t like them anymore.

Energy is what generates and controls spell work, and our thoughts shape the energy. A spell is not sentient, it does not think for itself, instead it is like a computer. You follow a sequence of protocols to get the computer to do what you want it to do. When you are distracted, the computer doesn’t know or care that you were distracted, it simply works that into it’s program. This is why focus and intent are so important.

How to prevent a spell from backfiring

So, you want to create and work a spell but are now scared of it backfiring. No worries! There are plenty of things to do to prevent a spell from backfiring.

⚜️First and foremost, do not do a spell if you are not in the proper mindset. Listen to your intuition, if it says not to do any workings, then don’t. Do not do a spell for wealth if all you can think about is the fight you had with a loved one (just an example, but get the idea?).

⚜️Do not work a spell if you are in a heightened emotional state. Emotions can be the most distracting thing about spell work. Do not attempt a spell if you are scared, heartbroken, joyous, angry, etc., as these emotions easily lead to distractions. Most spell work should be done calm and collected (unless the spell calls for a heightened emotional state, but that is a topic for another day).

⚜️Make sure you spend time focusing on the spell and the desired outcome. Most people meditate before or during a spell to do just that, to help make sure they do not loose focus or get distracted. Meditation is an important tool in witchcraft as it helps ones mind become more focused, so that over time it is easier and easier to shut out distractions from the world.

⚜️Make sure all of the tools feel right and work for a spell. Check your correspondences and make sure there are no conflicting ideas present. Tools work to help keep your mind focused on the goal and outcome, if those tools conflict with each other it leads to distractions. For example, if I do a spell for wealth, I would not want to use anything with the color red, for red means something different to me. During my working, if I saw that color, my brain would think about love and get distracted, most likely resulting in someone I love getting the wealth instead of me.

⚜️Finally, and most importantly, if you feel yourself get distracted or something feels off about the spell while working it, DO NOT COMPLETE IT. Simply close the spell without completion, cleanse the area, walk away, and try again later. Magic and energy are immortal, they can neither be created or destroyed, so it wont mind if you wait a day or two to try again later.

Ways to fix a backfired spell

Okay, so a spell backfired on you. What do you do now? Well, there are a few things you can do to help.

💠Do nothing. If the result of the spell helps someone but doesn’t affect or hurt you, you can always leave it be! It never hurts to help others after all.

💠Reverse the working. There are many ways to do that including
🔱Performing the spell backwards
🔱Burning the spell page and ingredients, then flushing them
🔱Perform a counter spell meant to undo any magic you have done
🔱Asking your patron deity (if applicable) for help in undoing the work
🔱Performing the spell again into a mirror

💠Cleanse yourself and the area the spell was cast in. Then attempt to redo the spell. This will not get rid of the current energies, but can be used similar to a skin graft by correcting the existing spell

💠Trapping the energy of the spell in a jar, preventing it from manifesting further

💠Burying the items used in the spell in the ground and asking the energy to disperse and return to its original state.

And there you have it! My personal experiences regarding backfired spells and what to do about them. I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any further questions.

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