This is where you will find detailed articles and spells about everything witchcraft related that I choose to share.

The Four Pillars of Magic

Quite often nowadays we see new witches. People who heard of the craft from a friend, a family member, a book that called out to them, or saw a post online. It seems with the rise of social media and the internet, more and more people have discovered that people still practice the old ways and still work with magic. While this is a wonderful, it is also something that of course has lead to the creation of posts and content that is misinformed at best, blatantly click baiting at worst. I have seen books with no actual knowledge in…

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To Bind Another Away From You

This is a fairly simple spell, however is immensely powerful. It is used to bind someone to themselves, a way of removing them from your life to never return. I personally have done this spell on a few people and, years later, they are still not part of my life anymore. This is one I wrote using a spell found in Valerie Worth’s Crones Book of Magical Words.

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Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet

When we think of witchcraft, we typically think of women stirring potions over smokey cauldrons in the night. Indeed, that image of witchcraft has become as popular as the idea of Halloween over the years, growing and shaping into its own narrative. While it is true witchcraft is about spells and potions and nature, there is a deeper side to witchcraft, a metaphysical side. This is the story of a Christian prophet and the lessons he taught humanity.

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Orchids, their care, and their use in Magic

Orchids are by far my favorite flower and for many reasons. They are beautiful, easy to purchase (you can usually find full grown orchids at your local florist or supermarket), and come in some of the most dazzling colors in creation. They are also one of the more overlooked magical flowers to use. Below I will go over the uses, care of, and nature of these picky little beauties.

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