The Seventh Sphere Rider Waite Tarot – A Review I was wonderfully blessed to be able to pre-order the new Labyrinthos Seventh Sphere Rider Waite deck and, after a few months, it has finally arrived! I have done what I usually done which is wait a few weeks to do a review to give me a chance to play with the cards, see … Continue reading The Seventh Sphere Rider Waite Tarot – A Review

True Black Tarot – A Review

So I had never actually heard of the True Black Tarot until recently when I was turned onto it by one of my online friends. Once I went to the site and found it, I fell in love. The cards were stunning and the website had an air of mystery involving it. I ordered the cards and have had them for a few weeks, and as such decided I would do a review on this stunning, and exclusive, deck.