The Star Spinner Tarot – A Review

Hello everyone! So today I decided to review an interesting deck I purchased out of spite. See, that sentence alone is enough to draw you in, isn’t it? I am kidding, but only slightly. A while back I saw a lovely little tweet calling out the creator of the Star Spinner Tarot ( which was created by Trungles) for daring to put people of color and LGBTQ+ representation into their deck. So of course, I did what any normal person would do, called the @$$hole a racist and then proceeded to purchase the deck online for the sole purpose of supporting the author. I did not even look to see if this is a deck I would even like, I simply felt it was my duty to help support a person whose art was helping others. To be honest, this is the first ever deck I purchased out of spite, and MAN did it feel good (maybe I need to do it more often). Now, let’s get on to the review!

The Customer Experience

So there really is not too much to say here. I went to a link, purchased the deck, and it arrived in the mail. It actually came fairly quickly, which was a bit of a shock since covid is still causing delays in shipping, and since I am a stickler for things arriving when they say they will, that is a good sign. It came in a standard box and again, is nothing to write home about.

The cards themselves came in a nice little box (I love me a tarot card box) to help organize it and protect it from damage. It also came with a booklet which is now becoming the standard of any tarot deck, and one I appreciate. It gives a bit more insight into the author of the deck as well as to the cards themselves, explaining their nuances and uprights and reversals. One of the things I love the most is that the box itself has a permanently attached ribbon in it to assist with getting the deck in and out of the box itself (similar to the string that helps remove batteries from remotes and such). While not a groundbreaking redesign, it is a nice little touch and something that is often overlooked. You can tell that between the box and the ribbon, this is a deck that will last for years and that great care was taken in making sure that the deck will last you a long while.

The Deck Itself

So the first thing I love about this deck is that the author went to great lengths to make sure representation was in the deck, for everyone. There are multiple cards featuring different people of color, LGBTQ+, body types and even ages. A lot of care went to make sure that whoever used this deck would feel a connection with it. This author went above and beyond, including multiple versions of The Lovers cards so that way you can use the one that you feel works best for you. 

The back of the cards are a glossy deep pink with a design of stars and designed in a way that pays tribute to line artistry (even now it makes me think of the beautiful designs of the Final Fantasy franchise). The gloss of the back of the cards helps to give the backs of the cards a light shimmer, catching light and shadow subtly, making the cards seem to have a life of their own. 

The cards themselves are made of a high quality material and, while not waterproof, were designed to last. If you spill water on them, the cards would be fine if wiped off (but I suggest it might be easier to not test this). The artistry on the cards is very beautiful, seeming to incorporate many different drawing styles. In many ways, the deck feels like a fairytale come to life through the designs. The author uses bold colors and, while they are nice, I personally would have preferred something a bit subtler. The bold colors help with the readings and the design, however it does take a bit of the whimsy out of the deck, versus colors a bit more subdued or pastel in nature. 

I have used this deck a few times to get a feel for it and the deck itself feels very gentle. While not saying that it cannot give you the harsh truths, it feels more like talking to your inner child instead of waiting for the universe to smack you across the face. That being said, the deck to me definitely has a more childlike feel to using it. Personally, I would be a bit hard pressed using this deck for more difficult readings as it feels like it looses some of the seriousness due to the artwork. That being said, this would be a perfect deck for beginners as it is a great deck to connect with no matter who you are, and also gently helps guide you versus some other decks that are a bit more blunt (looking at you True Black Tarot). 


Beautiful imagery and artistic designs

Great representation of all people and all sizes

Calm and relaxing, as if the deck tries to remind you not to take life too seriously

A fresh take on the classic tarot 


The bold colors seem a bit disjointed to me personally

The design seems to lend itself to a more innocent deck, I think I would have a hard time using it for more delicate or difficult readings

In Conclusion

This is a great deck for beginners. First, you get your money’s worth. Second, representation matters, and this deck is filled with it! It is a bit more of a gentle deck, guiding you through the stars instead of throwing you in the deep end and hoping you know how to swim. Overall, the only cons and critiques I even have are ones of a personal nature in regards to the drawings and colors used, and the heavens only know that my taste can be questionable at times. Whether you are a beginner, collector, or simply are tired of your normal decks reading you to filth, this is a great deck to use and add to the mix. 

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