True Black Tarot – A Review

So I had never actually heard of the True Black Tarot until recently when I was turned onto it by one of my online friends. Once I went to the site and found it, I fell in love. The cards were stunning and the website had an air of mystery involving it. I ordered the cards and have had them for a few weeks, and as such decided I would do a review on this stunning, and exclusive, deck.

The Hermit

The Customer Experience

This deck is quite a rare one to be able to get. Upon going online to the website, you can instantly see that the deck itself is sold out. While that gave me a bit of pause, I did click on the “More information” section and it did explain that this author hand pants portions of the deck, as such they only put for sale a few each week and reload the cart on Sundays at 12:00am easter standard time.

So that being said, I set a helpful reminder for myself the next week. When my reminder went off I politely told my husband I had to use the restroom, paused the show we were watching, grabbed my phone, and booked it to the bathroom. Midnight came and went on the eastern seaboard and the online shop did not originally have them. After much refreshing and an anxious 10 minutes (followed by “are you okay in there?!”) the shop had them in stock. At close to $100 this would be the most expensive deck I have ever purchased, yet something about the exclusivity made me press the “Add to cart” followed by the “Here is my last hard earned dollar/checkout” buttons. I am glad I did it then as an hour later, checking just out of curiosity, it was sold out for the week.

A few days later it was in the mail and within 14 days of purchase, the item was in my hands.

The Hanged Man

The Deck Itself

The deck arrived in your standard brown box. Upon opening I found another black box, buried under black strings/pieces of paper that got everywhere (I decided then that I had discovered a theme). Inside the black box were the cards themselves and a tiny booklet that went over the basics of the cards. The black box is meant to be a storage box and neatly holds the cards and the booklet.

The cards themselves are stunning. Each card has it’s own beautifully designed photo on it and the cards are made of a very strong card stock. They are super thick (almost double the size of a standard tarot deck) and seem to be able to handle almost anything. I was a bit sad to discover that the cards themselves are not hand painted (that I can tell), only the edging is, however I am willing to overlook that. You can tell by holding them that a lot of thought and detail went into the meaning of each card. This is a stunning deck, however it can be a bit difficult to make out the words on the cards in certain light (i.e., name of the card). This is due to a beautiful laser etching done on the backs of all the cards, and the artwork for the Major Arcana, as well as the titles and names of each card.

The artwork is beautiful and each card has a black “foil” of the name embossed on the bottom, tough to see in the photos as it is literally black on black

♦️Beautiful artwork
♦️Personally felt an instant connection with them
♦️Feels as if it is much more expensive than it really is
♦️Sturdy and strong cards, designed to never fold or get damaged
♦️Beautiful black theme

Some more of the beautiful artwork

♦️Due to the thickness of the cards, deck is really thick, possibly difficult to shuffle for those with smaller hands
♦️Due to the hand painting, did come with a weird paint smell that has slowly dissipated but is not entirely gone (yet)
♦️The difficulty in purchasing

The True Black Tarot in compared to a standard tarot deck’s thickness

Final Thoughts

This is a stunning deck that truly looks as if it will stand the test of time and would be perfect for any collector. While beautiful, due to the minimalistic design I would say this might not be the best deck to learn off of or for beginners as it really takes a strong grasp of intuition to read. Overall this is a deck that I look forward to having for decades to come.

“It is only in darkness that we see the stars” – Inside Cover of Box

The Ace cards of the 4 suits

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