The Weaver Tarot, The Ascendant Edition – A Review

So I am going to be completely honest, I was very disappointed in this deck. I was actually a bit shocked by it. The Weaver Tarot, The Ascendant Edition is a deck from the Threads of Fate company and I had previously purchased their Shadow Oracle deck, which I love. I actually could go on and on over the oracle deck, however this is not about that deck, this is about the Weaver Tarot. While it has all the potential for a wonderful deck, one small design choice really ruined it for me. So let’s get into it!

The Customer Experience

The customer experience was very easy. Go to the website, pick the deck, spend the money and it arrives quickly. In a lot of ways this company is very smart by making the purchasing experience as easy as ordering on Amazon or Etsy. The box arrived a few days after ordering (about 3 business days I believe) and I was super excited. Upon opening the box it arrived in I saw the actual box itself. I LOVE tarot decks that come with their own storage boxes, it is one less thing to worry about when not using the deck, makes it easy to find and organize, and while the box is a slide box (where the top slides or pulls off the bottom) and I prefer the flip boxes (where the box opens on one side, like opening a book) it is still a beautiful box.

Inside the box you have the deck itself. You also have a nice booklet, little cheat card, and a surprise card from one of their other decks (in this case, the 10 of cups). This is one of the many things I love about the Threads of Fate collections, their company does a WONDERFUL job of making you feel like you are getting what you paid for. The booklet alone is close to 100 pages, having pages with multiple layouts, each card explanation and reversals, as well as exercises or things to meditate on, for each card. For any tarot reader, beginner or advanced, this company really is top notch when it comes to explaining everything. The cheat card is a wonderful tool that gives you a quick “cheat sheet” style of things to look out for, giving quick little correspondences for the card numbers, the suits, even the added imagery on the card. 

To be honest, this company would be great for any beginner to help purchase their first deck from. The quality of the storage box, in depth guide, and cheat card are all wonderful. It has a professionalism that I find many smaller decks or companies lack. Indeed, some of the most expensive decks I have didn’t come with any of these extra “perks” so to speak. Overall this is a company I will indeed look into purchasing from again, if for no other reason than the thought and care they put into their products.

The Deck Itself

Now we get to the part that is disappointing. While I was raving about all the extras, this specific deck did indeed let me down. First and foremost, the cards are made of a thick card stock with black edging. While this tells me quality and care went into the thought of the deck, it does have one major flaw. It is matte black. I do have other decks with the matte black finish and I have to say, this is the first time it has ever been a detriment. Most matte black cards give me a sense of the void, however this one is a bit more shiny. This made for a few problems, mainly that EVERYTHING stood out on the cards. Within moments of being opened I saw dust particles on some cards and within a few moments of handling, I saw fingerprints on them. I am a relatively clean person and always wash my hands before opening new card decks for inspection, yet every card I touched would have a fingerprint on them, to the point a few looked almost like grease stains (not a good look when trying to read and can be very distracting).

The card imagery themselves are gorgeous. The company thought long and hard about making readings inclusive, so they removed all mentions of gender, replacing “King” with “Ruler” and “The Emperor” with “The Anchor” as examples. I loved this as to me it helped to keep my focus off my preconceived notions of gender to get to the meat of the meaning behind each card. They also added little details on each card to help give extra meaning. For example, if you see bones on a card it is to represent the physical body, earth, and grounding. This really gave me some extra insight into how the cards are meant to be read and worked with. It also gives a whole extra level to the readings by giving you the freedom to explore the card’s meaning with the imagery. The designs of each card are beautiful and some of the imagery is beyond incredible, even otherworldly. 

The second flaw, and this is the big one to me, is there was a bit of a misrepresentation on the card design. The photos of the cards online show beautiful holographic foil that changes the colors of the cards based on how it is held, however in real life this is much more muted and honestly, felt a bit cheap. I work in a bright office with plenty of natural light and lamps. Even with the lamps on during the day, the holographic view was muted, most of the time it simply looked like a sad gray color. I eventually took the cards outside in the sun and yes, when in sunlight it is brilliant, however for most people who read indoors, or especially at night, it is actually quite joyless in color and can be hard to actually see the detailing as the foil doesn’t reflect well in low light. While I understand how holographic foiling works and have no qualms there, I am a bit disappointed that the marketed images looked so colorful as I have yet to see that fully reflected in the real deck.

In my personal opinion, if they remove the holographic foil and instead did silver foil, it would be easier to read, look a bit more expensive, and be a beautiful alternative for people who prefer only black or dark decks


  • This is a great company that knows what a reader needs to be successful
  • Makes you really feel like you are getting your money’s worth with the actual design
  • The imagery is beautiful tying in concepts of nature and fate while removing gender 
  • Gives you everything you need to succeed as a reader of their deck, no need to purchase books as theirs is so in depth


  • The matte black finish is too glossy, showing dirt and fingerprints
  • The holographic foil is very overrated and not properly executed to fully display its capabilities
  • The holographic foil when not in direct light looks an almost sad gray color, making reading at night or in a normal room a bit troublesome

In Conclusion

In conclusion I was disappointed. While I enjoy this company and will definitely purchase from them again, this deck simply fell short. The booklet, cheat card, and beautiful box were not enough to compensate for the holographic foil issues and extra visible matte black issues. That being said, this company does have the same imagery on different card decks, indeed their “Journeyer Edition” of this same deck is quite beautiful (that was the extra card I got), I just wish they had used silver foil instead of holographic foil for these cards.

Everything that came in the box. Ironically, this image is the most color I have seen from the deck

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