Potions: Their Uses, Forms, and Misconceptions

Potions. We have all heard of them, from “Double Trouble Boil and Bubble” to the “PolyJuice Potion” and everything in between. Indeed, one of the first things that comes to mind in regards to witchcraft is the image of a crone, stopped over a cauldron, stirring up a potion. While this might not be the image of a modern witch, potions are still considered to be a staple and basic foundation for many forms of magic. In this lesson we will be covering their uses, forms, and misconceptions.

It is VERY important that for any potion you make that you intend to ingest, that all ingredients are SAFE for consumption or contact with skin. Many crystals, mushrooms, and even herbs can be very DANGEROUS when ingested or touched to the skin. Please always do your research for your own safety


Webster’s Dictionary defines a potion as a mixture of liquids and that the first usage of the word appears in the 14th century. While in practice a potion is a liquid, it might also contain herbs, stones, spices, etc. Contrary to popular belief, potions have a wide variety of uses. They can almost be considered spells in a bottle, or a “break glass in case of emergency” type of spell, one where the magic is bottled up and contained, only activating on who, or what, the intended target it.

Most people use potions for various reasons, including glamours, protection spells, safety during travel, and love spells. I mean, lets face it, what better way to feel confident than to literally toss confidence down the hatch. Who hasn’t thought of giving the one they love a brew infused with apples, cinnamon, and intention for the one they love to want them back. While protection potions are not as widely talked about, having a potion of protection in your handbag or backpack will always help to make sure you are safe, no matter where your travels take you.

That being said, the single most common form of a potion is actually used in healing spells. Think about it, all the times you were sick as a child and a family member whipped up their “home made remedy”. Something that was always made in a pot, smelled of death, tasted worse, but brewed by a loving hand, and always making you feel better. This form of magic, simply stirring love into a recipe, is indeed one of the oldest types of magic and potion making. So next time your loved ones don’t feel well, remember that the simplest health potion is one made with a slice of lemon, a bit of honey, and a stirring of love.

Quick and Easy Wake Up Potion
Heat a cup of water and add your favorite tea to your cup
While you wait for the tea to steep, light an orange candle on your altar or table
Say: “I am healthy and grateful for this day.”
Meditate as you drink your tea


Contrary to popular belief, potions come in many forms. Indeed, some of the most powerful forms of potions are not even ones you drink. Did you know the Moon Water is a potion? It is a liquid, cleansed and charged with intent. That 4 Theives Oil you made? Also a potion. From hand creams, to tinctures, teas, and oils, potions have evolved much as humans have. Coming in a wide variety of forms, and even uses, potions in magic have evolved from “double double toil and trouble” variety, to any liquid item imbued with intention and magic.

In their oil form, most people use it to consecrate their altar items, or help open the third eye or chakra work. As tinctures they can be used for healing, cleansing, and charging. I mean, teas, do I even need to say more? There is a tea type or tea leaf for just about anything magical you could ever need, especially when trying to bring something into your life, letting others see a certain aspect of yourself, or increasing something you have. Teas are one of the most powerful potions that exist in the magical world, and also one of the easiest forms of potion magic there is. As for waters, magical water such as Florida water, Moon Water, Sun Water, etc is even a form of potion making. Remember, potions just take a liquid and an intention.


Waterfall Ward Protection Potion
For use to protect yourself and your home from unwanted energy
Ingredients: Vinegar, Water, Salt, Protection Herbs and Essential Oils
Actions: Mix it all together and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then take a rag or cloth and let the water drip from the top of your windows and doors. Then wipe down the edges of the windows and the thresholds.


Over the years there have been many misconceptions regarding potions, most notably that they must be drunk in order to work. This is not the case, indeed many potions are not safe to be ingested or exposed to your skin. A lot of the potions you will find in older grimoires are made from ingredients that are not safe, and were created long before modern medicine was even a spark or thought. Remember that they used to think that demons in your brain caused headaches? Probably not the people you want telling you what to put in your body.

Another common misconception is that something will “happen” when the potion is ready. I mean as cool as it would be, when a potion is complete at the end of the day it is still made of normal ingredients. There is no sparks, no fireworks, no smoke, no boom (and if there is, you have MUCH bigger issues, naimly to call the fire department and hope they don’t ask why you were using explosive ingredients over a hot stove). When a potion is ready, much like anything else you do in the kitchen, you should know. Whether that is by instinct, smell and touch, or simply using an egg timer for 20 minutes on simmer. While not as satisfying, it is still magical and remember, that is all that is needed.

Finally, remember to simply DO YOUR RESEARCH! Items used in potions can be very dangerous, and sometimes don’t play well together. Just think about what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar. Potion making is as much witchcraft as it is chemistry so if you start looking for those random or rare ingredients, just make sure you research them first to prevent any “happy little accidents” (as Bob Ross would say).

[Waterfall Ward|https://forum.spells8.com/t/waterfall-ward/2022]

***All images taken from Pinterest***

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