The Left Hand Path: Misconceptions and Ways To Use It Beneficially

The Left Hand Path, a path walked with shadows and mystery. Often said to be derived from Satanism and the dreaded “Black Magic”, the Left Hand Path is actually quite the opposite. While it does maintain an aura of mystery and a sense of the forbidden, the Left Hand Path is a very interesting construct of magic, one which gives the freedom of the witch to explore the boundaries of their world. In this lesson we will go over some misconceptions of the Left Hand Path as well as ways it can be used beneficially, hopefully to help shed light on this often misrepresented subject.

The Left Hand Path has always been considered one that is the “bad” or “negative” path. Newer witches are usually advised to avoid it by their peers and mentors, and it gets more than its fair share of negative press, however the Left Hand Path is not one that is actually bad. Instead, the Left Hand Path is all about breaking the rules and pushing the limit of the inner spiritual plane. While the Right Hand Path is all about using a common code of ethics and morality to ascend to the divine in spirit, the Left Hand Path embraces the darker parts of who we are and believe that only by confronting the shadows within can we fully transcend into who we are meant to be.

The Left Hand Path contributes to this by focusing on breaking the taboos often associated with various forms of magic, such as blood magic, sex and gender magic, and by not recognizing a central form of universal justice or Karma. Contrary to popular belief, the Left Hand Path is not all about curses, jinxes, voodoo dolls and charms that can kill. Indeed most forms of the Left Hand Path magic focuses more on changing the world around you versus changing your perception of it. By finding and harnessing this power within yourself, without asking for divine assistance or using the power of nature, you are able to change the world around you there by helping to find the divine within yourself versus elsewhere.

Those who follow the Left Hand Path typically believe in and practice the following:

They reject the status quo and social convention in their search for spiritual freedom and enlightenment

They do not conform automatically to most conventional forms of religion, instead questioning the authority and morality of every choice.

They often embrace sexuality and gender identity, as well as other taboo subjects such as blood magic, and incorporate them into their craft

As there is so much more you can do with the Left Hand Path than just curses, below I will go over some ways you can use the Left Hand Path beneficially and in ways that help others. Hopefully this will make it seem a bit less scary or controversial in general.

You can use sex magic for fertility spells and health spells

You can use blood magic for healing as well as protection and wards

You can use identity and gender magic as a basis for a glamour

You can use adult substances, such as alcohol, as sacrifices in rituals as well as to cleanse and area and assist in divination and scrying/shamanism

As the left hand path is one about the power of self, you can use your own power as the basis of most spells, helping to more easily dictate how they play out

You can use poppets to influence another decision to help them correct their lives, and mistakes

You can use a curse to heal someone, forcing them to go through a tough time, and forcing them to grow and become better

At the end of the day, the secret to the Left Hand Path is all about recognizing your own power. It is about defying the social norms and doing what you feel is right, regardless of the thoughts or notions of others. It is about recognizing the and embracing the power in yourself and using that to change the world around you. It is about breaking down the system, sticking it to the man, and playing by your own set of rules.


”There is nothing wrong with using the Left Hand Path, nor the Right. Indeed, the body has two hands, a left and a right, both of which serve the same master”


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