To Bind Another Away From You

user uploaded image

This is a fairly simple spell, however is immensely powerful. It is used to bind someone to themselves, a way of removing them from your life to never return. I personally have done this spell on a few people and, years later, they are still not part of my life anymore. This is one I wrote using a spell found in Valerie Worth’s Crones Book of Magical Words.

The spell requires the following:

A photo of the person

A blue pen

A black pen

A white candle

A fireproof bowl

On the back of the photo of the person draw the following image, the letters in blue and the symbol in black:

user uploaded image

In the four empty corners of the circle, write four letters of the persons name in blue.

Visualize the symbol burning into the person and binding them. While visualizing this, burn the photo and say the following.

Turn them around

Cross them within

Turn them about

And cast them out!

Written in blue

And circled in black

All energy sent out

Send right back!

Circled in black

And written in blue

Protect from all evil

This person will do!

Spell be sealed

with my desire

as this burns

In sacred fire!

Place the photo in the bowl to burn down to ash. From there, get rid of the ashes off your property, preferably either blowing away from you in the wind, or disposed of in running water moving away from you.


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