On Curses, Hexes, and Jinxes

Everything you never wanted to know about Curses, Hexes, and Jinxes!

Please remember that everyone’s craft and path is different, and the below information is what works for me. If this does not resonate with you, that is okay as well

There has been a lot of questions I have seen from people asking how they can tell if they are hexed, what is the difference between that and a curse, and more importantly, what to do about it. These are really great questions so I thought I would share my knowledge on this and hope it helps those that need it.

What is a Curse/Hex/Jinx?

A curse, hex, or jinx is a spell that is cast on someone using negative energy and anger/fear as the emotion to fuel the spell. Unlike most other types of magic, IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE CONSCIOUSLY CAST! What that means is that simply feeling enough anger and rage, followed by a simple thought of “I hate that person” can usually be enough to cast it on a person. This is part of what makes these spells so dangerous, they can be cast by your unclouded desire, and by anyone, not just witches with the knowledge and means to do so. I mean, of course a curse cast by a witch is going to be much more focused and effective, but the evil eye is a powerful thing and needs nothing more than a strong anger to turn its gaze towards you.

PSA this is not common at all, most people go their whole lives without either cursing or being cursed. The amount of anger and focus it takes to unconsciously curse someone is extremely high and most people are unable to get to that level, even in a state of anger. While it can happen, and by everyone, it is a very rare thing

So now, on to the specifics!

JINX: So a jinx is more of an annoyance than anything, rarely doing any actual harm, just mildly disrupting your life. They typically are repetitive and activate under certain circumstance (similar to Murphy’s Law, whenever you are in a real hurry you will hit every red light while driving). They are hard to detect mainly as they are pretty mild and will simply inconvenience you more than anything

HEX: So a hex is a powerful one and done curse. Consider it like being hit with a baseball in your face. It hurts, it can be bloody, but rarely is it permanent, deadly, and it only happens once. (For example, a hex will prevent you from getting your dream job. It will not affect anything other than this one job, not current jobs or future jobs, and will not follow you. However once you are up for the dream job, it will make sure it never happens.). Hex’s are almost impossible to determine unless you are told you are hexed, or use divination, mainly as they do not activate until they are ready, and are fast working so you will not know about it until it has worked.

CURSE: So a curse is the literal worst. It has the power of a hex and follows you around like a jinx. (For example, you could be cursed to never have a good relationship, to never have a meaningful job, etc. It will impact every facet of that part of your life and do what it can to make it crumble). Curses are easier to spot but the hardest to get rid of, and they can be very dangerous and even deadly.

Okay, so how do I know if I have one of these things?

If you feel you have a curse/hex/jinx on you there are a few ways to tell. First is if the person who cast it actually tells you. You can use divination to find out, or even a simple egg spell as those are great for sensing negative energy.

That being said, like attracts like, and this is for energy too! Most times people think they are cursed it is due to being in a state of depression, fear, stressed, etc. Putting off that much negative energy only invites more negative energy to you like a magnet. As such, before assuming you are cursed, try to change your energy, and see if things get better (most of the time they do). Remember that energy is all around us and affects our lives, so if you feel cursed, first make sure it is not you.

Okay, so what do I do about it?

So there are a few things you can do from easy to difficult to help

Take a bath with salt. Salt is a natural cleansing agent for energy and will help pull anything off of you that is sticking. This is great for jinxes as they are relatively minor.

Wear protective talismans and symbols, and ask your deity to bless them (if you have one, if not asking the earth and universe works well too!)

Cleanse yourself, your homes, and your objects. Wipe the built up energy clean and make way for new energy to come in.

Cast protection spells around yourself and those you care about, it never hurts

Try to reverse the curse/hex – this is a bit more advance and should not be done by beginners. Instead, do your research and homework and ask for help.

Use a mirror spell to send it back – again, this is best to do if you have a bit more practice in spell craft

Use love and joy to overcome the spell. As curses and such are caused by the energy given off by powerful feelings of anger and fear, by using powerful feelings of joy and love you are essential cancelling out the curse. True Loves kiss works not because of the kiss, but because of the joy and love you feel for kissing the one you love. Remember that this is all energy and energies can be cancelled out.

So there you have it! That is as much as I feel comfortable disclosing on the subject and I hope it helps someone!

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*All photos are taken from Pinterest and are not my work*

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