Weather Magic 101

Weather Magic 101

One of the most common forms of magic, and the most fun, weather magic is found around the world in many forms and iterations. While not necessarily difficult, it is indeed an advanced form of magic. Here I will go over the basics of weather magic, how it works, and the difficulties surrounding it.

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Basics of Weather Magic

Weather magic is based on the principle of controlling or manipulating the weather to suit your will. This can be anything from starting a small breeze, stopping blizzard, or bringing rain. That being said, weather magic is a very powerful form of magic. You are dealing with nature directly, and it’s laws, as such it is not so much about “controlling” the weather, it is more of a request for the weather to do what you wish it to. It is also unpredictable at best. You can cast the same spell for rain, with similar weather conditions, and the first time you might get a drizzle and other times you might get a deluge.

Weather magic surprisingly falls under the left hand path or magic. As it affects multiple people and multiple environments unwillingly, it is almost considered a type of compulsion spell. While many people are a bit confused by this, it is easy to forget that just because you want rain, doesn’t mean your neighbors do. Due to this, weather magic is usually not practiced by those who practice the threefold law due to its unpredictability in nature, and the fact that there is very little you can do to control it or stop it once it is in the works.

As weather magic relies on precise circumstances to work, it is also one of the most common types of magic to fail. Since magic relies on the belief of the user that it is going to work, it is not recommended for beginners as most beginners will get dismayed when it doesn’t work which can negatively impact their practice. When something in magic fails, we tend to think “what did I do wrong” or “maybe I am just not cut out for this”, however if weather magic fails the proper question you should ask yourself is “were the circumstances correct for this to work, or was I setting myself up for failure”?

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How Weather Magic Works

The first thing to remember about weather magic is that, as all things are of nature, it follows its own laws that cannot be broken. For example, all the conditions need to be just right for it to even have a hope of succeeding. What this means is that you cannot summon snow in summer and you cannot call a wind on a calm day. That being said, if the conditions are right, nothing is more satisfying than calling up a wind or storm when it is needed. Indeed, even calling up a rain is a fun and worthwhile activity.

Almost all forms of weather magic fall under the category of sympathetic magic. Sympathetic magic is a type of magic where you use items, tools, or even movement to manipulate the energy and clearly describe how you want the energy to work and move. For example, in sympathetic magic you might take a bucket of water and dump it on the ground to help show that you want rain to fall. Sympathetic magic works by tying the energies together creating a relatable cause and effect mirroring scenario. In other words, “do what I am showing you”.

Once you have cast the spell or done the working, one of the most important things to remember is that weather is unpredictable by its very nature, as such it is not unusual to accidentally create something you did not want. Imagine that the air is a dam. One the one side you have an area of high pressure, and on the other side and area of low pressure. If you want to create a wind, you need to poke a small whole in the damn to give the air molecules a place to move from the area of high pressure to low pressure. However once you poke the whole in the damn, it could trickle out, come out in a stream, or the damn could burst. You have no control over this, for this is the way nature works, and also is what makes weather magic so unpredictable. You cannot control it, you can only start the process and let it run its course. And just like a dam, it will burst when it is good and ready, not any time sooner.

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Difficulties With Weather Magic

So weather magic is not for beginners, by any means. On top of the likelihood of the spell failing and the inability to control what you want to happen and when, weather magic is deceptively easy which makes it dangerous. Most weather spells have few ingredients or supplies, have a few words, and an action. Mostly or the rituals can be done and completed within an hour at most, as such it is an easy draw for beginner witches. Besides, what beginner witch doesn’t want to make rain? That is part of the danger, the allure.

Weather magic, like most forms of magic, can backfire and have consequences. Unlike most forms of magic, weather magic affects an entire area as such, everyone in that area has to live with the consequences of your actions. Take for example the Australian wildfires. A few years ago, there were massive wildfires in Australia, some of the worst the country had ever seen. In a moment of solidarity, witches the world over did spells for rain. And guess what? It worked! Soon the area was inundated with rain which helped to put out the fires. But the rain didn’t stop when the fires were done, it kept raining. It rained record rainfall in an area that normally doesn’t get much rain, which resulted in massive flooding and destruction that rivaled the fire itself.

That is the biggest risk for weather magic, having to think about what could happen. The question isn’t COULD you do something, but SHOULD you do it? Would it be helpful to bring rain during a drought or stop a blizzard in its tracks? Of course. However what could you be affecting or changing with those actions? Whose lives are you affecting, and what could be the blowback for that?

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In Conclusion

Being a storm witch, a Tempestarii, or even just playing with the weather can be a fun and rewarding experience. But it also carries with it the responsibility that you are indeed playing with magic that can affect the lives on many others. Doing your research, understanding the principles and science of weather, and asking SHOULD you versus COULD you, will help to lead to practice the best type of weather magic there is. The safe kind.

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